General Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Frequent vehicle servicing or preventative care, if you will, can go a very long way in ensuring your car performs at the very best performance. For instance, not a single person truly appreciates the journeys to a mechanic because our brake pads are worn out to the rotors or drums and we need to spend more time and dollars to restore the brake system. What little time it takes to ensure we do the “regular” actions to our vehicle, makes the free time well passed. The pay me now or pay me later cliché, within this case, is never more accurate. The following guidelines will help you in having your motor vehicle all ready to take you anywhere you have to go.

Can’t be said enough about frequent oil replacement and oil filter change. For me personally, I have oil changes every 2,000 miles. The recommended timetable is every 3, 000 miles. Because of my religious focus to periodic oil and filter changes, I have a 1978 Buick LeSabre with 195,000 miles on it and in 2006 it still moves like a fantasy. It should go without saying but a lubing of the chassis or “lube job” some refer to it as, should be performed simultaneously while you have the oil replaced.

The air filter, when polluted, is a typical issue when you discover your auto has a lot less power and is making use of more petrol. A simple examination of the filter will give you an idea of how dirty it is. Mechanics will often admit that this effortless step can go a very long way in maximizing your motor vehicle’s performance. Air filters are critical in reducing the amount of dirt, dust and other risky contaminants going into the engine. In other words, your vehicle runs less efficiently when the filter is blocked with dirt and grime. Filters should be removed and replaced every 3,000 miles. Also, have the air filter changed when you have an oil change performed on the car or truck to save time or an additional trip to the mechanic.

And while we’re talking about filters, the fuel filter is perhaps the most ignored or forgotten thing for usual checkups. Vehicle pros don’t comprehend why this occurs but it does. Can you remember the Buick I just mentioned? I have had the fuel pumps and fuel filters checked often on that car. I can honestly say I get approx two more miles to the gallon when I take account of mpg/number of gallons of fuel applied after I have removed and replaced a fuel filter. Every time you happen to notice or speak to yourself, “I sure am using more gas lately”, evaluate the fuel filter.

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Regular replacement of the brake pads is also important. Many professional mechanics will acknowledge that parts to the brake system are among the most important safety features on a car. You should be able to halt your car or truck quickly and securely. All brake pads will wear and tear gradually. If you start listening to squealing like sounds or the sense of the pedal upon braking is “mushy”, you need to consider that the brake pads are starting to get worn. The function of the brake pads is to provide friction with the pad to create braking or halting is possible. Brake pads may be easily detected for wearing away with regular evaluations.

Running in a dance with the distributor and ignition coils. Many things can indicate troubles and ignition system wire malfunction. There may be erosion at the wires or connectors. Resistance can build up as the wires get older. The substance encasing the wires may be shredding or got wore out.

The first sign of issue normally appears when you start noticing a missing or stuttering type action when the car or truck is running. There’s a substantial tugging like symptom that feels to you that your car can’t get the energy to move. Always try to keep your ignition system wires clean. Always troubleshoot for wires that look worn out or are not properly installed on the spark plugs. Changing your spark plug wires will mean excellent car starting and less ignition type troubles that can follow due to worn sparking plug wires.

Well maybe this isn’t actually vehicle “maintenance” in itself, but doesn’t a clean car or truck make you feel better? Again, have you ever noticed the vehicle seems to operate smoother when she’s well-maintained? Having the engine steam cleaned on a periodic maintenance plan can also go a very long way in increasing the lifespan of your engine. Engine cleaning will keep the corrosion and grime from building up on your spark plug wires too. It will help when you are examining your engine for leaks, unplugged or loosened wiring and keep the corrosion off your automobile’s battery.

While these aren’t the only “routine maintenance” guidelines out there, you can always research your car’s handbook for other suggestions that can help lengthen its life and keep it running in optimal condition.

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