September 29

The Importance Of Keeping Your Office Clean


The majority of us would never even consider nibbling our lunch in the bathroom, yet we do this constantly in our office. Recent studies show there are more germs in the average office than in the average bathroom! Perhaps that is a good sign that keeping your office clean is really vital.

For most office employees, keeping their office clean isn’t something they really have time to make a priority. Can you envision telling your manager that your report will be late because the germs and dust in your office need some attention? It’s doubtful that your boss would appreciate that.

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Despite the fact that you are very busy, you ought to keep your office area as clean and organized as possible. How your office appears will give a particular impression to clients, co-workers, and your supervisor. You will also spend less time trying to pursue particular items if you always keep them in the same location.

If you operate in an office, then you know all too well that once someone gets the flu or a cold, it looks like it takes its time attacking each person in the office. You can help prevent catching such illnesses by keeping your office clean. Keep some cleaning wipes in your drawer and make sure you use them on your keyboard along with your desk. There are many products that work great for killing germs.

Many offices have a cleaning company that shows up periodically. They empty the rubbish, wash windows, dust, sweep, mop, and anything else that your company desires to pay them for. However, they don’t try to wipe down personal desks or try to eliminate germs. If you intend to accomplish that feat, you are pretty much by yourself.

If there are air ducts into your office, then they should be cleaned by a professional often. Dirt, germs, and debris can hide in them and lead to those unwanted things being circulated in the office areas. Older buildings also will need to be inspected for signs of mold.

If your office has a very high rate of people getting sick with colds and the flu, talk to your supervisor. Make sure they understand just how important it is to keep each office clean. It can result in employees feeling better and that will result in fewer sick days and more productivity.



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  1. The article here really share something that most of us overlooked in the office. We rush in day in and day out not thinking about how dirty the work desk is. Worst of all, we don’t tidy much. It is one thing to show our work organization skill and the other is about hygiene. We rely on office cleaning but not realising that the office cleaner don’t do all your personal desk cleaning! No janitorial company will do to that extend. Therefore, please beware the hidden germs on your office work desk. You won’t want to fall ill from your own work desk.

  2. Well written office hygiene post! Haha… I think we see people get sick and started to wonder why everyone can get sick in the office. We always think that someone spread the sickness to us but not realising that our own desk can be the cause! So before we point figure on others, lets take a quick look at our work desk. Office cleaniness can never be overlooked.

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