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Finding an Alternative BMW Service Centre for BMW Services

When you have finally made your purchase of this ultimate driving machine, the next thing you ought to seriously consider is where to service your car. Many BMW drivers will opt to go back to the BMW service centre where they first got their car serviced after purchase. However, is that the only choice? There are many car workshops out there that provide BMW services. However, most people like to go for one that is known as BMW specialist.

Each year many BMW car owners that have their cars out of the warranty period, choose to seek for a BMW car workshop. Now, the main question will be “who can fix my car” There are many local car workshops but who can be the BMW Specialist Workshop or BMW service centre alternative?

Perhaps we should take a look at a few deciding factors before we make a decision on which car workshop will be the best alternative to the authorised BMW Service centre. Ultimately, you really would like to find one that really provide a good BMW services.

BMW Service Centre

Experience with BMW Cars

There are quite many centre where many auto servicing workshops are located. Choose one that is near you and take a walk through and you will see which car workshop has the most continental car. That one with many continental cars probably understands the needs of a continental car and BMW car servicing. Check with them about what kind of services that they provide for BMW. You can ask if they provide any special BMW service package?


BMW Parts Availability

Check with a few car servicing workshops to see if they carry any BMW parts. This can give you an indication if they are BMW specialist. A car workshop that carries BMW parts are likely to have serviced many BMW cars. If they do, ask if they have readily available parts of pre-order is required. Some workshop claims to have BMW parts but only order when required. This may not seem to be one that has ready parts for BMW.


BMW Maintenance Package

For a BMW service centre to provide good and competitive BMW services, there should definitely be a good service package. Check with the car service centre if they do provide a special package for BMW cars. If they do, that is the best proof of being a BMW car specialist workshop.


Authorised BMW Service Centre or BMW Services Provider

Finally, after the research around the local car workshops, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons of going back to the authorised BMW service centre recommended by BMW or a BMW services provider near you. Take in the factors above and perhaps go for a car service once or twice to see if the service standard is comparable to the one you were using. If the standard of car service is good and the price is right, then you have found a good BMW service centre.

If you ask me for recommendation, I do know a BWM services provider in Singapore – Juzz For Cars. If you walk into the car workshop, you will see many continental cars and majority of them are BMW. They have ready stock of BMW parts and also car body paint work service. Makes people think of this place as an alternative BMW service centre in Singapore. To learn more about the BMW services that they provide, you can check out the web page here

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7 thoughts on “BMW Service Centre For BMW Services”

  • Timonty

    Great info about the BMW service. Juzz For Cars is out to complete with BMW. I am sure they will do well.

  • Matthew

    We need more of car workshop like Juzz For Cars. Competition with BMW on the cost of servicing.

  • Jason

    I will prefer to go to the local workshop for BMW services after the warranty period. I also suggest you read this article as well so happen to be almost the same.

  • Amazing Web Services

    BMW services from BMW can cost more after the warranty period when compared to outside servicing. However, unless you know a good car servicing company and the difference outside BMW, then its still safer to go back to BMW. Having said that, if you look around and learn more about the exact car service out there, you may find a few specialist that service BMW most of the time. To get a realistic facts on the credibility of the workshop, simply take a trip to a car service centre, where there are lots of car servicing workshop. One in Singapore, like the Sin Ming Auto care centre, you will find many car garages. Go to the internet and search who is the BMW specialist and learn from the website what they offer, if there is a special car service package for BMW or not. If there is then they really show that they are the expert for BMW cars. Then visit the workshop to see if there is really many BMW cars in the garage. Talk to the car mechanic to find out if they really know about the BMW engines or if they carry parts ready for replacement or repair service. These will show signs that they really is BMW expert or BMW specialist. You can start searching online now and enter the phrase, “BMW specialist” and get started.

  • Best Car Insurance

    If you are well covered by insurance, you can enjoy good car service no matter where you go to have your car repaired. For car servicing, you can visit the workshop nearby to take a look at what are the available car service centre and if they have special packages just for BMW car. Prevention is better than cure, that applies to car as well. Good car like BMW can be expensive to purchase but more expensive to maintain. If you don’t maintain well, the cost of car repair can be even more. You should note that, you can work out a good servicing package with the car workshop if you find the trial service is good. Making sure that they will continue to do a good job, you can consistently do a check to see if what they did well and what not. This way, you can find out and be assured of the quality and strength they have. Good car protection is important, don’t forget to get good insurance coverage as well!

  • Cotar Olson

    After purchasing a luxury car like BMW you search for a servicing center where you can make its servicing and keep it in well condition to make prepare to run smoothly on the road. It is better to choose a repair shop for your car who provides warranty in every changing of parts. The mechanics who are available there gives their best to keep it in tip tough condition and makes your journey joyful. Take in the factors and go for a car service once in a year like to get better facility.

  • Progres Media

    Awesome article! Informative guide to BMW car owners who like to have an option to use either the workshop outside the BMW service centre or the experience BMW workshop outside. This come in very handy when the warranty expired and BMW owner likes to save some money and get good car services.


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