Salt Grill & Sky Bar Review

Restaurant with Great View

This restaurant is located at the heart of Singapore shopping district. The restaurant is at the top of ION orchard where you can view the surrounding city around Orchard road. The restaurant serves Australian, fusion, seafood and steak. It also has menu that is vegetarian friendly. Before you reach the top of the restaurant, you will be greeted by the staff at level 4 of ION building. There you will be escorted through to the lift that take you straight to the restaurant.

I like the restaurant’s quiet pleasant environment where people are not talking out loud to disturb the peace that this place brings. Being able to whisper to your love one when dining in and enjoying the view. Best time to be in the restaurant would be from 6pm. Just before the sun sets, you can see the changes of the sky and the brightening of the street lights. As the sky become darker, you can start to enjoy the night view from where you are sitting.

The food is of small proportion, which is not great for someone who is dying for a feast. Nevertheless, the food is done by highly qualified Australian born chef Jake Kowalewski. His food is known to be served in clean and simple manner.


The wine is tasty and great with the steak. They have 500+ varietal wine selection and hand-crafted cocktails which make it hard for you to choose. As a fine dining always has a dress code, this place prohibits people from wearing slippers, flip flops, singlets or tank tops (for male). So, do dress appropriately to avoid being too casual to be allowed into the restaurant.

If you have completed your dinner and like to hang around for more drinks, you may proceed to the bar area, where you can continue to order some wine or drinks of your liking.

Generally, this place is nice with good ambiance for special occasion. Price is on the high side if you are not ready to be spending a few hundred dinning anywhere. Reservation is advised especially on a special occasion or seasonal holidays.

There are lots more restaurant nowadays that emphasis on great views. Roof top bar, dining area is getting more popular as we are no longer just looking for great taste but great view too. In terms of view, I wouldn’t say here is the best. I will write about more places in time to come, so check back here for more recommendation.


Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Tourist Attraction – Garden By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay, is situated at the southern part of Singapore, just behind Marina Bay Sands. This is a very beautiful place where you can see giant trees and dine at the top of these giant trees. One of the famous restaurant that allows you to have full 360 view of the garden is SuperTree. There you can see just about anything within a few kilometers around the vicinity.

gardens by the bay Singapore

You can simply just walk around at night to enjoy the brilliant view of the night scene or practice some creativity with your camera. Any camera can give you a great shot if you get the angle right.

How To Get To Gardens By The Bay

Location: 18 Marina Gardens DriveSingapore 018953, Singapore 

If you are taking a public transport, you may take an MRT and alight at the station at Bayfront MRT station. From there you can walk by the sky bridge to Gardens by the bay within 5 mins.

Events in The Garden

Many events happens there during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year eve and other special occasions. There are usually fireworks nearby during the countdown for new year. Therefore, you probably get to see firework in the sky from there. For those driving, there is a large parking space just below the park. However, when it is very crowded, you may take quite a while to exit as there aren’t many exits in the basement car park.

The Atmosphere In The Garden

Why do I like there? I think this place event though its mainly man made, it gives people a magical feeling, with background music playing and the blinking of the lights makes you want to just sit there and enjoy the atmosphere. It is a perfect place to mingle with friends and love ones for dinner around there and also having some wines. I particularly like the roof top drinking outlet where you can sit back, have a sip on the wine and see the surroundings. This drinking outlet is just at the top of SuperTree, where I mentioned earlier.

There is another place in the gardens by the bay, where you can go just before evening. The Flower Dome. This place contains lots of rare and beautiful flowers from around the world. It is very cool and nice when you enter. This is to keep the flowers fresh and preserved. You can take lots of photos there as its allowed. You can spend a fair bit of time in there are its pretty big too.

flower dome